June 27th, 2008

Mr. Twister


Field Museum's genetic study rewrites family tree on birds -- Grebes, a type of diving bird, are not related to loons, as ornithologists had long believed. Surprisingly, grebes appear closely related to flamingos.

The analysis also showed falcons are more closely related to parrots than to other hunters such as hawks and eagles. If true, the finding would mean that falcons do not even belong in the scientific order originally named for them.

"It's kind of crazy to us too," said Shannon Hackett, a lead author of the study and associate curator of birds at the Field Museum. "People have been studying birds a long time, but now we're in a time when we should question everything, because for the first time we have the tools to answer these questions."

До сих пор отлично помню свой конфликт с редактором "Сельского обозрения", депутатом клерикалом Йозефом М. Кадлачаком. Началось с того, что я вырезал из английского журнала "Country Life" картинку, изображающую птичку, сидящую на ореховом дереве. Collapse )

--Ярослав Гашек, Похождения бравого солдата Швейка
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