July 4th, 2008

Mr. Twister


CHICAGO (CBS) ― A night of merriment and awe turned to one of terror late Thursday night, when gunshots killed one young man and injured three others as the crowd flooded out from the Grant Park fireworks show.
As CBS 2's Joanie Lum reports, at least one shooting happened near Congress Parkway and Dearborn Street, as the crowd poured into the Loop from Grant Park.
One million people were trying to exit Grant Park at the time, and there were reports of shots in the crowd. But mass-chaos ensued when the shots rang out, with pedestrians running and trying to take cover between police squad cars.

Надо почаще устраивать фейерверки.
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Mr. Twister

Чем занимается математика?

"A scientific theory -- пишет Карл Поппер, -- an explanatory theory -- is, if anything, an attempt to solve a scientific problem, that is to say, a problem concerned or connected with the discovery of an explanation.[...] Problems crop up especially when we are disappointed in our expectations, or when our theories involve us in difficulties, in contradictions; and these may arise either within a theory, or between two different theories, or as a result of a clash between our theories and observations. [...] The conscious task before the scientist is always the solution of a problem through the construction of a theory that solves the problem; for example by explaining unexpected and unexplained observations."

Вот какая проблема сегодня cropped up:
8*. Петя и Миша имеют фамилии (sic) Белов и Чернов. Какую фамилию имеет каждый из ребят, если Петя на два года старше Белова? (Л.Г.Петерсон, "Математика, 1й класс. Часть 3").

Задумайтесь, друзья мои, о вселенной, в которой известно то, что дано, и неизвестно то, что спрашивается.
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