September 22nd, 2008

Mr. Twister

Автор постфикса о борьбе со спамом

Wietse Venema -- Anti-spam tools alone will not solve the problem; they merely reduce the level of pain for the organizations and individuals that can afford the use of such tools. The technical arms race will continue unless politicians and law enforcement join the battle with effective measures that work across national borders.

Вместе с тем, the alternative [to "push" model] is to use a "pull" model, where the sender keeps the email message on their own server until the receiver downloads it. For example, when my bank wants to send me email, they would send a short message with an URL to view their mail, and my email software would download the message for me. This assumes of course that my email software recognizes my bank's email digital signature and their Web site's SSL certificate, otherwise we would have a phishing problem. Legacy mail software would tell the user that they have email at their bank, and leave it up to the user to download their email.

The "pull" model would change the economics of email. It would move the bulk of the cost from the receivers where it is now, to the senders where it belongs. No-one would read email if its sender doesn't provide a service where recipients can download it from.
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