September 26th, 2008

Mr. Twister


Chicago Local News -- In Sunday's incident, the teen told police she won a free massage advertised at a local hair and nail salon. While the man was giving the massage at her home, the girl believed he was touching her inappropriately and asked him to stop. When he did not comply, she screamed, police said.

The girl's grandmother entered the room and the man gathered his massage equipment and fled, police said.

All of the women said they entered their names into a free massage contest, police said.

The suspect is described as a Middle Eastern man in his 30s with black hair, dark skin, a large nose, bulging eyes and identified himself as "Ben" or "Bin."

Я вообще очень интересуюсь бесплатными массажами на дому из парикмахерской и аналогичными предложениями. Глубоко недооцененный феномен.
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Mr. Twister


cato@liberty -- Some Talking Points For Not Doing a Bailout:

1. We don’t need to bail out Wall Street to protect Main Street. All we have to do is make sure that sound borrowers, especially small businesses, have access to credit. Banks can do the job, although regulators may have to reduce capital requirements.
2. The mortgage securitization industry is brain-dead. If it does not revive on its own, we should not spend taxpayer money trying to resuscitate it. The industry right now is a focal point of rent-seeking, but it has little relevance to the economy as a whole.
3. The stock market seems to want a bailout. While I hope for higher stock prices, I think that public policy needs to take into account more than just daily fluctuations in the Dow. In 1971, the market gave a huge thumbs-up to wage and price controls, which turned out to have damaging economic effects that persisted for years.
4. There is no reason to rush. President Bush wants to ram this through without deliberation, because that is how he operates. The Democrats want to act without deliberation, because putting the financial sector under government control is what they want. The rest of us would be better off if the issue were carefully debated first.

--Arnold King
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Mr. Twister


У меня в аквариуме краб полинял! Валяется прозрачный панцирь, а краб в голом виде сидит под корягой отдельно. Панцирь без дырок, со всеми ручками и ножками, нисколько не нарушен. Как краб из него телепортировался, непонятно.

Беспокоюсь, не слишком ли мягкая вода для быстрого образования нового панциря.
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