October 20th, 2008

Mr. Twister


С огромным трудом извлек из упаковки и разгрыз жевательную резинку, а это оказалась мерзкого вкуса таблетка от гриппа. Спрашивается, в какой момент жвачку стали упакововывать неотличимо от лекарств, и зачем?

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Mr. Twister

Сенсационные разоблачения жены Блера

Bloomberg Top News -- In her radio interview, Cherie Blair also recounted how she and her husband went boar hunting with Vladimir Putin, then the president of Russia, just before the Iraq war started in 2003. Putin is ``very broad-shouldered and has a physical presence -- not a man I would like to cross,'' she said.

She said the hunt was one of the ``extraordinary things'' that ``you do for your country'' to promote diplomatic ties. In October 2002, the Blairs went to visit Putin at his Dacha outside Moscow.

``At the end of the dinner, when Tony and Vladimir had been talking about weapons of mass destruction and what we were going to do to encourage Saddam Hussein to fall in line with what the world wanted him to do,'' Putin ``suddenly announced'' that they should go boar hunting, Cherie Blair said.

``So there was I in my evening dress and my high heels suddenly discovering at eleven at night that we were walking down the road to go and see whether we could see some wild boars,'' Blair said. ``And of course, my heels were echoing loudly into this empty night and all Tony was saying was Cherie, for goodness's sake, can't you walk more quietly?''

Дальнейшее известно.
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