November 4th, 2008

Mr. Twister

Roman Polanski, The Ninth Gate (1999)

1, 2.
Это вообще уже что-то невообразимое. Кто сказал, что хороший фильм должен быть серьезным? Серьезный фильм кто хочешь снимет. Вот первоклассный развлекательный фильм! Последний раз получал такое удовольствие когда-то давно в детстве.

Trivia: The two booksellers Corso encounters in Toledo are actually the same actor, Jose Lopez Rodero. The same man appears again later, playing two workmen cleaning out the bookstore. Rodero is an assistant director and production manager, not a professional actor. He was hesitant to accept these multiple parts.
The voice of one of the Ceniza twins (Pedro Ceniza) is dubbed by Roman Polanski himself.
The little girl that stares at Corso at the Paris Airport is played by Roman Polanski's daughter Morgan.
Mr. Twister

Культурная экспансия!

LadyLori610: I arranged the theme from Tetris (which is a Russian folk tune) for string quartet a couple years ago. I had a quartet of high school students at my student teaching placement perform it at a concert. A little out of tune in parts, but I'm proud of them.

acassidy87: Centenary Woodwind Quintet plays Korobeiniki, or, the Tetris Theme Song, arranged by Sara Thompson.
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