November 20th, 2008

Mr. Twister

Получено ценное указание

Bloomberg Top News -- Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the U.S. and Europe should put aside differences with China and Russia over human rights and missile-defense issues to focus on working together to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Barak said criticism of Russia's actions in Chechnya and China's human rights record are hurting efforts to put up a united front against Iran. He also said that U.S. plans to deploy missiles in Eastern Europe -- which the Americans say are aimed at countering Iran and which Moscow perceives as a threat -- also aren't helpful.

``The other issues are not as urgent,'' he said.

Пожалуй, согласен со всем, кроме Ирана.
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Mr. Twister


``Miguel Garcia, 16, a junior at Jones College Prep in Chicago, is seen Oct. 29, 2008, during an interview at the school. Jones College Prep, where the 16-year-old is a junior, has the city's largest Gay Straight Alliance, an organization of more than 100 students that he and other members say wields more influence at their downtown campus than even the student council.'' (размещено в Чикаго Сан-Таймс)

How To Start a Gay-Straight Alliance
2. Find a Faculty Advisor:
Find a teacher or staff member whom you think would be supportive or who has already shown themselves to be an ally around sexual orientation issues. It could be a teacher, counselor, nurse, or librarian.
Nurse! Nurse! Хмм... A может быть, действительно librarian?..
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