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В нашей стране существует огромный корпус анекдотов про Штирлица. Называется Амелия Беделия, авторы Пегги Периш и Герман Периш.

Фабула, кстати, тоже освежающе разумная. У пожилых супругов Роджерс работает молодая прекрасная служанка, которая выполняет все поручения миссис Роджерс семантически неправильно (из окна дуло - дуло исчезло), тем самым причиняя ужасные разрушения. Однако в конце каждого анекдота ее очередной раз не увольняют из-за необъяснимой симпатии, которую испытывает к ней мистер Роджерс.

Добавил в интересы polysemy and semantic ambiguity.
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Изучаю историю, политическую и физическую географию Пуэрто Рико. Вот, помню, когда Ельцин вторгся в Чечню, в газетах спрашивали риторически - а что, если Техас объявит о выходе из состава США, его тоже будут бомбить самолетами? Выбор Техаса в качестве гипотетического примера основан на недоразумении, но правильный ответ -- "естественно".

On October 30, 1950, Albizu-Campos and other nationalists led a 3-day revolt (known as The Jayuya Uprising) against the United States in the town of Jayuya. The United States declared martial law and attacked Jayuya with infantry, artillery and bombers.

Even though part of the town was destroyed, news of this military action was prevented from spreading outside of Puerto Rico. It was called an incident between Puerto Ricans.

On November 1, 1950, Puerto Rican nationalists Griselio Torresola and Oscar Collazo attempted to assassinate President Harry S Truman. Torresola was killed during the attack, but Collazo was captured. Collazo served 29 years in a federal prison, being released in 1979. Don Pedro Albizu Campos also served many years in a federal prison in Atlanta, Georgia, for seditious conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government in Puerto Rico.

Этот Педро Альбизу Кампос вообще, оказывается, известный писатель и публицист.

In 1936, nationalists Hiram Rosado and Elias Beauchamp assassinated Colonel Riggs. They were arrested, and summarily executed without a trial at the police headquarters in San Juan. After these events, the San Juan Federal Court ordered the arrest of Albizu Campos and several other Nationalists for "seditious conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. Government in Puerto Rico."

Pedro Albizu Campos would be jailed again after two events: 1) the revolt of 1950 when a group of Puerto Rican nationalists staged a revolt in the town of Jayuya (known as the Jayuya Uprising) and 2) an attack on La Fortaleza (the Puerto Rican governor's mansion) and Blair House, by nationalist Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola, where president Harry S. Truman was staying while the White House was being renovated.

Albizu was pardoned in 1953 by then governor Luis Muñoz Marín but the pardon was revoked the following year after the 1954 nationalist attack of the United States House of Representatives, when four Puerto Rican Nationalists, led by Lolita Lebrón opened fire from the gallery of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C..

He alleged that he was the subject of human radiation experiments in prison. Officials suggested that Albizu was insane although many doctors were able to examine Albizu and test for signs of radiation. In 1994, under the administration of President Bill Clinton, the United States Department of Energy (чего же еще) disclosed that human radiation "experiments" were conducted without consent on prisoners during the 1950s and 1970s. Pedro Albizu Campos was among the subjects of such experimentation.
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Treasury Bubble Talk Grows as U.S. Gets Free Money (Update2) -- “Treasuries have some bubble characteristics, certainly the Treasury bill does,” said Bill Gross, co-chief investment officer of Newport Beach, California-based Pacific Investment Management Co., which oversees the world’s largest bond fund. “A Treasury bill at zero percent is overvalued. Who could argue with that in terms of the return relative to the risk?” he said in a Bloomberg Television interview yesterday.
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