October 27th, 2009

Mr. Twister

Что вас больше всего поражает в Америке

В Блумберге про динамику пожертвований университетам:
Amity Shlaes -- You know the stereotypes about college giving. Alums give after their school’s marquee team, football or basketball, wins a conference championship.[...] These assumptions are mostly correct.[...] If your team was conference champion your sophomore year, you give about the same amount to the athletic program as the average athlete alum. If your team won your junior year, you give more. If your team took the prize your senior year, your lifetime giving is highest of all, about 8 percent higher per annum over decades than the giving of an athlete whose team didn’t get the prize in the last year at school.
Обдумал пожертвование кафедре физического воспитания математико-механического факультета, его абсолютную величину и знак.
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