December 9th, 2009

Mr. Twister

Удивительное рядом

London -- The British government announced a one-time tax on bankers' bonuses. The 50% tax will be levied on 2009 bonuses of more than $40,800.
Darling said that measures to keep people from avoiding the bonus tax would be introduced "with immediate effect". Я хочу посмотреть на этот эффект!!!
Mr. Twister

Numbers that shape your world

Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Efforts to help poorer nations adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions would receive $1.3 billion under a year-end spending plan approved by U.S. congressional negotiators.

Могло быть и хуже: Funding approved by Congress falls short of President Barack Obama’s request for $1.5 billion.

И даже хуже: Тhe U.S. contribution should be about $2 billion, U.S. Senator John "that was the right war at the right time" Kerry, a Democrat from Massachusetts, said last week.
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В детстве очень долго не мог понять правописание слов "компания" и "кампания". А это просто наши company и campaign.