March 16th, 2010

Mr. Twister


У нас был учитель физкультуры - одновременно йог, даос, инструктор спецназа и проч. Он умел лечить растянутую от неудачного спанья мышцу на шее прикосновением.

Ну то есть он одной женщине сделал, и она сказала, что да, вылечил, а уж что там на самом деле, я не знаю.
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Mr. Twister


WSJ -- For years, neither of them had much interest in investing. At IBM, their work focused on using computers to solve voice-recognition and language-translation problems, such as translating French into English.

In 1993, they were contacted by Nick Patterson, a Renaissance researcher they had met while doing code-breaking research for the Defense Department. "I realized that there are some deep technical links between the way speech recognition is done and some good ways of predicting the markets," Mr. Patterson says.

Mr. Brown threw away a letter from Mr. Patterson. Mr. Mercer, intrigued, paid Renaissance a visit. Afterwards, he persuaded his colleague they should make the move. After joining Renaissance, Mr. Mercer asked its chief scientist, Henry Laufer, whether the firm had a retirement plan. "The retirement plan is to get rich," Mr. Laufer responded.
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