November 1st, 2010

Mr. Twister

Этот человек - гений.

G.V. Ramanathan -- You can see attempts at embarrassing the public in popular books written by mathematicians bemoaning the innumeracy of common folk and how it is supposed to be costing billions; books about how mathematicians have a more clever way of reading the newspaper than the masses; and studies purportedly showing how much dumber our kids are than those in Europe and Asia.

Unlike literature, history, politics and music, math has little relevance to everyday life. That courses such as "Quantitative Reasoning" improve critical thinking is an unsubstantiated myth. All the mathematics one needs in real life can be learned in early years without much fuss. Most adults have no contact with math at work, nor do they curl up with an algebra book for relaxation.
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Mr. Twister


Кто не догадался, это double-tonguing. Я, например, понимаю, что такое у гобоя double-tonguing. А у флейты, это примерно как улыбка без кота. Но каким-то образом получается.