January 15th, 2011

Mr. Twister


Bastardi's wager

He’s a meteorologist and forecaster with AccuWeather, and he proposes a wager of sorts. “The scientific approach is you see the other argument, you put forward predictions about where things are going to go, and you test them,” he says. “That is what I have done. I have said the earth will cool .1 to .2 Celsius in the next ten years, according to objective satellite data.” Bastardi’s challenge to his critics — who are legion — is to make their own predictions. And then wait. Climate science, he adds, “is just a big weather forecast.”
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Mr. Twister

Домашнему мастеру. Советы.

Нередки ситуации, когда приходится ждать, а киндла при себе нет, но фотоаппарат есть. Для таких случаев полезно сфотографировать страницы нескольких интересных книг. Их можно будет читать в режиме просмотра фотографий.
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