May 12th, 2011

Dore: Ogre

Not saying "no" means "no".

Понравилось: At some point, she was approached by a marked Chicago Police Tahoe SUV with two male officers inside, according to a police report. The officers offered her a ride home and she accepted. The woman claimed that during the ride, she had sex with one of the officers in a passenger seat of the SUV and that she did not say “no,” according to the report. When they arrived at her apartment in the 1300 block of West Greenleaf, they went inside, where they played strip poker and she had sex with one officer in her bed.

Задание: придумайте название для рассказа. Правильный ответ: "Two Chicago Police officers charged with sexually assaulting woman".

В аналогичных новостях, комментарий специалиста о флоридском законодательстве о сексе с животными: "Тhe statute itself explicitly distinguishes between "persons" and "animals," prohibiting sex acts between the two groups. A court facing a question of interpreting the statute would almost certainly read the statute's use of the term "animals" as "non-human animals," both to avoid absurdity and to conform with (1) the intent of the drafters; (2) the purpose of the statute; and (3) a commonly used (if scientifically inaccurate) understanding of the term 'animal" to exclude humans.
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Dore: Ogre


Сегодня сижу на работе, вдруг без десяти четыре чувствую: всё, больше не могу, теряю сознание от усталости, сейчас умру. Пошел домой пораньше. Сел в машину, поехал -- что за напасть, часы на приборной доске сломались. Остановились на шести. Пока чинил, проверил точное время в телефоне: действительно, шесть.
Наверное, младенец вчера вечером переставил наручные.
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