March 27th, 2012

Mr. Twister


One of the most significant contributors to the high cost of living in Hawaii is the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (also known as the Jones Act), which prevents foreign-flagged ships from carrying cargo between two American ports (a practice known as cabotage). Most U.S. consumer goods are manufactured in East Asia at present, but because of the Jones Act, foreign ships inbound with those goods cannot stop in Honolulu, offload Hawaii-bound goods, load mainland-bound Hawaii-manufactured goods, and continue to West Coast ports. Instead, they must proceed directly to the West Coast, where distributors break bulk and send Hawaiian-bound Asian-manufactured goods back west across the ocean by U.S.-flagged ships. Hawaiian consumers ultimately bear the expense of transporting goods again across the Pacific on U.S.-flagged ships subject to the extremely high operating costs imposed by the Seamen's Act.
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Владимиров: Папа Карло


RHRealityCheck -- У одной кормящей матери умер ребенок. Среди прочего выяснилось, что, как и многие из нас, она принимала опиаты (строго по рецепту лечащего врача). Проведя четыре недели в заключении, эта женщина освобождена до суда под залог в 100 тысяч долларов.
Mr. Twister

А вот это правильно

The Wall Street Journal -- A JetBlue Airways Corp. (JBLU -2.69%) flight was diverted Tuesday after the captain was locked out of the cockpit for "erratic behavior" then ran through the aisle and banged on the cockpit door before being subdued by passengers, according to the Federal Aviation Administration and accounts from passengers.
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