June 5th, 2012

Mr. Twister

Смысл имени Иннокентий я в русской версии упустил

Тамъ обитало нѣсколько людей -- все случайныхъ, другъ съ другомъ едва знакомыхъ, -- и между прочимъ родной братъ Ардалiона, а Лидинъ двоюродный братъ, Иннокентiй,
уже послѣ нашего отъѣзда за что-то разстрѣлянный.
-- Владимiръ Набоковъ, «Отчаянiе», 1936.
Into those lodgings Fate had packed several people who hardly knew one another, and there was among them that other cousin of Lydia's, Ardalion's brother Innocent, who, for some reason or another, got executed by the shooting squad soon after our departure.
-- Vladimir Nabokov, "Despair", 1965.
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