June 26th, 2012

Leif Gram: Mr. Fix


Chicago Public Schools moves to crack down on bullying -- School staff and students who see a child bullying another would be required to report it, and accusations of such behavior would have to be investigated within 10 school days under a proposed Chicago Public School Student Code [...] in addition, principals would have to keep working with all parties until “the situation is resolved,’’ including until “the target reports feeling safe and is interacting civilly with the perpetrator,’’ [...] tackling bullying takes careful training, and Wiesendanger said he is concerned that to fill a $700 million deficit, CPS will cut money for “restorative justice’’ coordinators trained in anti-bullying and anti-violence work.
Я считаю, надо в каждой школе завести дипломированного специалиста по борьбе с силой тяжести.
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