November 18th, 2012

David Mitton: Sir Topham Hatt

Приятно и неожиданно

   “You know who that is?” Raymond whispered back. “It's that little twerp Watson.”
   “You are right!” Ernie whispered. “It's Watson, the scum of the earth!”
   Peter Watson was always the enemy. Ernie and Raymond detested him because he was nearly everything that they were not. He had a small, frail body. His face was freckled, and he wore spectacles with thick lenses. He was a brilliant pupil, already in the senior class at school although he was only thirteen. He loved music and played the piano well. He was no good at games. He was quiet and polite. His clothes, although patched and darned, were always clean. And his father did not drive a truck or work at a factory. He worked in the bank.

--Roald Dahl, The Swan
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