March 28th, 2013

Leif Gram: Mr. Fix


Bill McClellan @ St. Loius Post: Both the federal government and the state government are broke. So why are we providing military funeral honors for all veterans? Why not let the veterans organizations provide military honors at the funerals of their members?
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Dore: Ogre


Chicago Tribune -- Federal authorities are probing the personal finances of John Bills, the former managing deputy commissioner of transportation, following an internal investigation by city red-light camera vendor Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. that found evidence that its Chicago program was likely built on a $2 million bribery scheme involving Bills and a longtime friend hired as the company’s Chicago consultant.
Спасибо, совершенно лишнее. Мы у себя в Чикаго сами сможем разобраться, нужны ли нам светофоры, фотокамеры для них, комиссариат транспорта и вся чикагская мэрия, или нет.
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