May 29th, 2013

Pegomastax africanus


NYT -- Тhe greatest challenge to our military is not from a foreign enemy — it’s the widening gap between the American people and their armed forces.
В свете этого положения надо бы выкинуть выкинуть дурацкое слово "our", но, поскольку это NYT, предложениe противоположнoе: вернуть призыв, призывать по лотерее.
Dore: Ogre

Дороговизна здравоохранения и образования!

University of Illinois trustees this morning approved a student health insurance plan for the Chicago campus that for the first time covers gender reassignment surgery, a move that about three dozen other colleges have taken in recent years. The insurance cost for UIC students will increase about 15 percent this fall, to $922 a year, $9 of which is attributed to adding the surgery option for transgender students.
Бывает ли так, что у человека внезапно в студенческом возрасте появляется непреодолимая потребность изменить пол, или это всегда preexisting condition?
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philg -- Senator Sanders implies that it would be easy to import ideas from Denmark. If we make health care universal and free our spending will suddenly drop from 18 percent of GDP to 11 percent. But what if our spending is high because Americans are not competent at delivering health care?