November 29th, 2013

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И что конкретно будете делать, спрашивается? -- The EU will not accept a "veto" by Russia on the bloc's ties with former Soviet republics, European Commission chief Manuel Barroso has said. Speaking at a EU meeting in Vilnius, Mr Barroso said the era of "limited sovereignty was over in Europe". After the two-day summit, Mr Barroso said: "We will not give in to external pressure, not the least from Russia. "What we cannot accept is a condition on a bilateral agreement to have a kind of a possible veto of a third country. This is contrary to all principles of international law."
Там все такие или этот Баррозо какой-то специально известный?
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Петрушевская "Новые Робинзоны" / Солженицын "Раковый корпус"

AKRON, Ohio -- A 10-year-old Amish girl with leukemia and her parents have left the country to seek alternatives to chemotherapy, according to the family's attorney.
The Hershbergers left their home in northeast Ohio days before a state appeals court appointed a guardian in October to take over medical decisions from Sarah's parents. The family members won't say where they are now, but they have no plans to return to their home anytime soon, according to Thompson.

The court said the beliefs and convictions of her parents can't outweigh the rights of the state to protect the child.

Зоологическая охрана природы

CHICAGO TRIBUNE -- He was lean, athletic and had traveled hundreds of miles, most likely from the Black Hills of southwestern South Dakota. He had attacked no one as he passed hundreds of towns and many more farms, each of them a lethal threat to his mission. Yet for lack of a better wildlife management plan in Illinois, the young cougar couldn't get past a conservation officer armed with a state-issued rifle.