July 25th, 2014

Mr. Twister

У нас как обычно

bloomberg.com -- On Feb. 5, after winning the Citadel job, Gao resigned from Two Sigma. Six days later, he was arrested during his exit interview and taken to jail, where he remains, unable to post bail. Citadel rescinded its job offer a week later. Katie Spring, a spokeswoman for Chicago-based Citadel, declined to comment on the case.
“What you’re starting to see now is these companies, rather than paying money for a private law firm, go to the district attorney’s office and have the district attorney’s office do their bidding,” Agnifilo said. “The district attorney’s office is certainly better at it -- they hold people in jail.” Kelly Howard, a spokesman for Two Sigma, said the decision to charge Gao was “not in our hands.” “We brought the actions to [District Attorney] Vance’s office and from there it’s really their decision,” Howard said in a phone interview.
“The concern about high-frequency trading is that these are highly proprietary programs, Wall Street depends on them,” Joel Reidenberg, academic director of Fordham University’s Center on Law and Information Policy in New York, said. “If someone can jump ship and potentially corrupt the high-frequency program, it’s going to skew the market.”
Нормальный кто-нибудь в чатике остался?
Dore: Ogre

Первый раз в жизни

Дети примиряют с действительностью. Нарыли в ютубе каких-то смешных телевизионных мужиков, прислали линк заценить. Я посмотрел - действительно, абсолютные смешные ленинградские типы, сам такой был. Rhett and Link.

У них целая ютубовская передача, и песни поют.