November 7th, 2014

Mr. Twister

Анархические коммуналки

В Бостоне 33% населения в возрасте от 23 до 65 лет снимают квартиры вскладчину; аналогичный показатель по стране составляет 32%. Поскольку всё происходит добровольно, это следует признать естественным, фоновым уровнем. Как же он огромен.
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Dore: Ogre

Электродвижущая сила!


Batteries produce both voltage and amperage, and they're generally proportional with one another, but sometimes, when something's wrong, they are not. This past week, until this morning, we weren't experiencing any difficulty starting your engine each morning, and Emil never did find a current draw in your car (this week). This morning, when the engine was slow and hard to start, the battery voltage measured 12.3 volts, which should give us a nice robust start, but wasn't. So your battery wasn't losing voltage, but was losing its power to produce the requisite electromotive force (amps).