November 26th, 2014

belgium fries

Зарубежное экономическое обозрение Rogers’ Russian investments now include stakes in fertiliser maker Phosagro, airliner Aeroflot, a Russia ETF and the Russian stock exchange, but he said was looking to expand into different sectors as well. Rogers also added that he believed international sanctions would eventually backfire on the United States and its allies by driving the Russian economy into closer relations with China and Asia, and that Putin’s desire to turn Russia into a financial centre would as a result likely pay off. His belief in Aeroflot, meanwhile, is based on the view that in the long run Russia’s economy will thrive as a result of all these factors, increasing demand for travel to the country.

CNBC: Even as Rolls Royce hits speed bumps in China, the ultra-luxury carmaker is breaking new sales records in Russia as consumers look to diversify away from the beleaguered ruble.
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belgium fries

Где гибнет свобода?

Один автор написал, что свобода гибнет в тот момент, когда мы позволяем лоботрясам-полицейским досматривать себя под предлогом борьбы с воображаемым "терроризмом". Может, это Рон Пол такое написал? Неправильно угадали! Это что-то насчет кровавого Путина.