April 9th, 2015

Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

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http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/philg/2015/04/08/walter-scott-at-odds-with-the-law-prior-to-being-murdered-by-the-police/: How common is it for an American to be on the wrong side of the law due to our child support system and how realistic were Scott’s fears? The “Post-Divorce Litigation” chapter of our book cites some statistics indicating that roughly 1 in 7 men who are ordered to pay child support will eventually be imprisoned. As they are being imprisoned for contempt of court rather than a criminal offense they are not entitled to an attorney nor do they enjoy a presumption of innocence.

The media coverage of the event stresses the fact that Mr. Scott was in conflict with the police due to his skin color. Yet they could equally have stressed that he was in conflict with our justice system due to the fact that he had children and, for whatever reason, was not living with their custodial parent(s).
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Poor judgement

On Wednesday, the Secret Service disclosed that Xavier Morales, a recently promoted senior supervisor in the security clearance division, was placed on leave last week and at least temporarily stripped of his security clearance and gun after a female subordinate accused him of sexually assaulting her at the office after a work party. The March 31 party, at a Washington, D.C., brewery, had been to celebrate Morales' promotion to head of the Louisville office. He was supposed to start this week.
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Вопрос по программированию

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Кто читал книгу "Дизайн и эволюция языка Джаваскрипт", там объясняется, почему вот это - валидный JSON? Какая от этого может быть польза, кроме вреда?