April 20th, 2015

Mr. Twister


The Salt Lake Tribune -- A Pleasant Grove woman who pleaded guilty to killing six of her newborn children and hiding the bodies in boxes inside her garage was sentenced Monday to prison for up to life. "We'd be surprised if she ever gets out of prison," despite concessions on the part of the prosecution, Utah County Attorney Buhman said. "There are probably very few people at the Utah State Prison that are responsible for six murders."
Кто-нибудь придумал новые, годные аргументы, почему эта совершенно безобидная деятельность должна расследоваться и тем более криминально преследоваться?
Mr. Twister


For three days starting April 30, the NFL Draft will be held in Chicago for the first time since 1964. The National Football League as well as Chicago organizers say the event will be a major extravaganza that will turn parts of downtown Chicago into professional football's second biggest event of the year.

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