July 16th, 2015

Mr. Twister


cato.org -- Today, President Obama became the first sitting president to tour a federal prison when he went to El Reno federal penitentiary in Oklahoma. This visit comes two days after the president spoke about criminal justice reform to the NAACP, where he focused his remarks on reducing the sentences for non-violent drug offenders. Commendably, Obama also talked about the living conditions of the incarcerated:

“[W]e should not tolerate conditions in prison that have no place in any civilized country. We should not be tolerating overcrowding in prison. We should not be tolerating gang activity in prison. We should not be tolerating rape in prison. And we shouldn’t be making jokes about it in our popular culture. That’s no joke. These things are unacceptable.”

Лучший президент за последние сто лет, как я уже говорил.
Mr. Twister

Нифигасебе у нас оркестр развалился

10/2014 - The orchestra announced Wednesday that Mathieu Dufour will depart Nov. 4 to become principal flute of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, effective in 2015. He auditioned and won the Berlin post earlier this year.
12/2014 -- Oboist Eugene Izotov returning to S.F. Symphony as principal. “I have a deep connection to both of these great American orchestras and American cities,” he said. “I feel extremely privileged to have had this choice to make.”
При Баренбоиме такого безобразия не было.