October 29th, 2015

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Опять Америку обижают

Dr Aaron Reeves, of the University of Oxford, found that UK parents did not see musical achievement by their children as character building or useful in getting university places or jobs.

Instead, it was usually only those parents who played instruments who encouraged their children to follow suit, he says in an article in the journal Cultural Sociology. "Instead, parental encouragement to play music is shaped by family ties and the parental perception of natural talent in their children."

This contrasted with research carried out by other academics in America, he said. "Middle-class parents in the United States appear to associate cultural practice with other forms of utility, such as developing specific character traits and facilitating educational success.

Mr. Twister


ChicagoTribune.com -- Twells, who oversees the use of Citadel algorithms, testified that the firm's automated trading programs were "influenced" into making unfavorable trades for gold futures in September 2011 by Coscia's alleged spoof bids.

But under cross-examination by Coscia's attorneys, Twells was asked if he could definitively say whether the trades were triggered by Coscia's alleged fraud. "I don't know," he replied.

Choosing his words carefully, Twells said Citadel's algorithms consider "many factors" to decide whether to trade. Coscia's alleged spoof orders would have been just one of those factors, he said.

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У нас прославился очередной мент: обезвредил особо опасную негритянку прямо за партой. В Вашингтонском Посту предлагают не удивляться, с зажигательными графиками и статистиками. Я интересуюсь, а и то половины не встречал.