November 16th, 2015

Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Экономические новости

Seeking alpha -- In part III, we have constructed a special Macro Index that consists of Russia's 8 most valuable stocks. In this sub-part, we cover the Russian banking industry, represented by Sberbank and VTB Bank. Both banks have boosted their revenues (interest income) substantially in 2014 and are much healthier than other world banks. Profits declined in 2014, mainly due to higher-than-normal loan loss provisions, set as a precaution against increasing bad loans. Sberbank has erupted as one of the world’s most promising and healthy banks. If sanctions come to an end, its stock will soar.
As we will come to conclude through this mini-analysis (a presentation), the major reason that stands in the way of Sberbank becoming one of the world's largest banks is political in nature.
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