April 6th, 2016

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news.com.au -- Isidore Heath Campbell, who named his children Adolf Hitler Campbell and JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, made headlines in 2008 for trying to buy a cake.

Mr Campbell and his then-wife, Deborah, both white supremacists, asked a local store to bake a cake with the words “Happy Birthday, Hitler” written on top with icing.

The store refused and the story was shared around the world. Days later the couple received a phone call from child protective services and had their two children taken away.
Dore: Ogre

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Children's lives had three focal points: the children's house, parents' house and the whole kibbutz. They lived in the children's house where they had communal sleeping arrangements and visited their parents for 2–3 hours a day.

Kibbutz people believed that a woman's work outside of her house conflicted with her duties as a mother. In their eyes the kibbutz achieved woman's social and economic liberation without hindering her role as a mother. This, so they claimed, was achieved by shifting the responsibility for education from the family to society at large.

The newborn baby was brought from the hospital directly to the babies' house. The mother would get a six-week parental leave, after which she gradually returned to work, not before the baby was fully weaned. Every afternoon the parents would take their baby home for about an hour. In the early years of the kibbutz parents were not allowed to enter the babies' house freely, as it was considered best to keep the place clean and orderly and let the nanny do her work.
Дальнейшая клевета здесь: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kibbutz_communal_child_rearing_and_collective_education