August 9th, 2016

Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

"Утечка мозгов" является надуманной проблемой

(из списка неправильных аргументов за ограничение иммиграции):

13. The brain drain of smart immigrants to the United State impoverished other countries.”

The results of the empirical evidence on this point are conclusive: The flow of skilled workers from low-productivity countries to high-productivity nations increases the incomes of people in the destination country, enriches the immigrant, and helps (or at least doesn’t hurt) those left behind. Furthermore, remittances that immigrants send home are often large enough to offset any loss in home country productivity by emigration. In the long run, the potential to immigrate and the higher returns from education increase the incentive for workers in the Developing World to acquire skills that they otherwise might not – increasing the quantity of human capital. Instead of being called a brain drain, this phenomenon should be accurately called a skill flow.

Думаю, это пишут агенты КГБ вроде Трампа, Ассанжа и Сноудена.