August 22nd, 2016

Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Почему дома и детские сады так подорожали

Читаю ту знаменитую книгу, что электронная дороже бумажной -- The Two-Income Trap -- попадаются весёлые вещи.
A generation ago, the average working wife contributed just one-quarter of the family income. In many families, Mom's earnings were treated as "pin money" to cover treats and extras, not mortgages and car payments. Unenlightened husbands weren't the only ones to foster this attitude. Banks and loan companies routinely ignored women's earnings in calculating whether to approve a mortgage, on the theory that a wife might leave the workforce at any moment to pursue full-time homemaking.
     In 1975 Congress passed an important law with far-reaching consequences for families' housing choices. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act stipulated, among other things, that lenders could no longer ignore a wife's income when judging whether a family earned enough to qualify for a mortgage. By the early 1980s, women's participation in the labor force has become a significant factor in whether a married couple could buy a home. Both families and banks had started down the path of counting Mom's income as an essential part of the monthly budget.

Что и привело американский средний класс к катастрофе, даже интересно, чем книжка кончится. По всему видать, порекомендуют женщинам не работать.