July 31st, 2017

Mr. Twister

Следует ли странам-победительницам спустя десятилетия преследовать беспомощных стариков?

Бывший комендант печально известного марикoпского концлагеря 85-летний Йозеф Арпайо признан виновным в неисполнении приказов федерального судьи: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-joe-arpaio-verdict-20170706-story.html
Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Ну хоть кому-то повезло

I’m delighted to learn from Eric Boehm at Reason that a $35 million stadium subsidy is “pretty close to dead” after Potomac Nationals owner Art Silber pulled the matter from the Prince William Board of County Supervisors consideration ahead of a planned vote July 18. However, taxpayers in other Northern Virginia counties may still be at risk, as the Nationals search for a less fiscally responsible county board nearby.
Congratulations to Americans for Prosperity, Supervisor Pete Candland and his colleagues, and especially to the taxpayers of Prince William County.