May 9th, 2018

Dore: Ogre

Thomas Enhco, Vassilena Serafimova

Вот этот парижский дуэт называется Funambules. Они выступали во взрослых Other, но ничего не выиграли (кроме того, что вообще туда поехали, это считается полуфинал). Тут я с судьями не согласен, по-моему, они должны были выиграть эту категорию.

Mr. Twister


WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's nominee to be CIA director said Wednesday that she does not believe torture works and would not carry out any presidential order she thought was immoral. Очевидно врёт, иначе не хотела бы быть директором ЦРУ.
belgium fries


Gershom Bazerman -- You know better than the next developer, or so you think. This is because of something you have learned [Haskell]. So how do you help them want to learn it too? You do not tell them this is a language for smart people. You do not tell them you are smart because you use this language. You tell them that types are for fallible people, like we all are. They help us reason and catch our mistakes, because while software has grown more complex, we’re still stuck with the same old brains. If they tell you they don’t need types to catch errors, tell them that they must be much smarter than you, because you sure do. But even more, tell them that all the brainpower they use to not need types could turn into even greater, bigger, and more creative ideas if they let the compiler help them.
С экономикой точно та же история!