February 1st, 2019

Mr. Twister

Новости спорта

InsideTheGames.biz -- In a rare show of bi-partisan support for legislation in the American system, Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse and Republican Roger Wicker were among those to introduce Rodchenkov Act yesterday. The proposed law is aimed at establishing criminal penalties for participating in "a scheme in commerce to influence a major international sport competition through prohibited substances or methods". This could apply to all major international sport competitions in which American athletes participate, as well as where organisers receive sponsorship from companies doing business in the US or are compensated for the right to broadcast their competition in the country.

Если выбирать между Путиным его с государственной программой помощи в употреблении допинга для желающих, и американскими законодателями с их государственной программой запрета допинга для всех, то, в этом вопросе, Путин гораздо предпочтительнее.