February 8th, 2019

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Новости медицины

http://mynorthwest.com -- Washington is one of 18 states that allows personal exemptions for vaccines, in addition to medical and religious exemptions. Those personal exemptions have come under fire in the past. The growing measles outbreak once again has state lawmakers looking to make a change.

Enough, says Democratic State Rep. Monica Stonier, who is co-sponsoring a bill to put an end to the personal and philosophical exemption for the MMR vaccine.

“Measles is an incredibly fast-spreading disease and the vaccine is incredibly effective,” Stonier said. “For those who have legitimate medical reasons for not being able to be vaccinated or even legitimate religious reasons to not be vaccinated should still be able to enjoy living in a healthy community and currently that’s not happening.”

Государственная дискриминация атеистов -- раньше такого экзотического варианта глупости у демократов не видел.