March 2nd, 2019

Mr. Twister

Новости китайского интернета -- Facebook, Twitter, and Google still aren’t doing enough to battle disinformation on their platforms, European Union officials said in a statement released this week. As part of a plan to fight disinformation on social media, the companies signed on to a voluntary proposal to crack down on the problem last year, which included making plans to increase transparency and fight fake accounts. The European Commission is now publicizing monthly progress reports on the topic, and has released the first, covering January.
Ну и зоопарк построили, даже удивительно.
Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Запутанная история! -- When Quadriga Fintech Solutions Corp. founder Gerald Cotten died, account holders feared the encrypted access keys needed to recover C$190 million ($143 million) of cryptocurrencies held by the exchange in offline storage could be lost forever. It looks now like the storage Quadriga is known to have used -- dubbed cold wallets -- has been empty since April.