June 8th, 2019

Mr. Twister

Спасибо деду за победу, вариант президента Трампа

whitehouse.gov -- We are gathered here on Freedom’s Altar. On these shores, on these bluffs, on this day 75 years ago, 10,000 men shed their blood, and thousands sacrificed their lives, for their brothers, for their countries, and for the survival of liberty. [...] They came from the farms of a vast heartland, the streets of glowing cities, and the forges of mighty industrial towns. Before the war, many had never ventured beyond their own community. Now they had come to offer their lives half a world from home.
Прямо засомневаешься -- может, в сороковые годы призыва не было? Так и камлает, не закашляется: "they were the citizens of free and independent nations, united by their duty to their compatriots and to millions yet unborn."