June 14th, 2019

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Неожиданно глубoкая заметка в Воксе. Пишут, что отказаться от прививок - это всё равно, что перевести своего ребенка в хорошую школу.

Jennifer Reich@vox: Parents who don’t vaccinate are prioritizing their children over other people’s children.
Beyond health, we see demands that mothers individually manage their children’s lives and optimize opportunities for their success. Choosing schools, traveling soccer teams, or SAT tutors promises to increase some children’s opportunities for success. Yet when parents choose to send their kids to private schools or competitive public schools, they implicitly accept that it is fine that other children don’t have safe or adequately resourced schools — as long as it’s not their own kids. The culture of individualist parenting makes clear: Parents have a duty to exercise choice to the bounds of their resources, even at the expense of others.

По-моему, 100%. Отсюда делает вывод: We can persuade vaccine-refusing parents by appealing to their sense of community responsibility. Ну давайте, попробуйте.
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Fujifilm plans to bring back NEOPAN 100 Acros black and white film by the end of the year

Правда, интересно? Сейчас новых 35-мм фотоппаратов продается две модели: Лейка М и Найкон F6. Все остальные люди снимают на подержанные с е-бея. Но при этом появляются всё новые и новые пленки.