July 25th, 2019

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Очередная диверсия deep state.

Business Insider -- President Trump on Tuesday addressed the Turning Point USA conservative youth group in Washington DC.
The presidential seal displayed on a giant screen behind President Trump as he addressed the conference had been mysteriously doctored, to show what appeared to be a Russian imperial eagle clutching golf clubs.
A spokesperson for Turning Point USA told the Washington Post that they didn't know how the symbol came to be shown behind the president, blaming it on a last minute audio visual mistake.
Я знаю как: забили в Яндекс запрос "presidential seal", и это была первая ссылка.
Mr. Twister


The Medicare program is a bonanza of centralized economic planning, special-interest lobbying, pricing errors, perverse incentives, low-quality care, improper payments, and fraud. To paraphrase Lenny Bruce, Medicare is so corrupt, it’s thrilling. It is so corrupt, we at the Cato Institute just published a whole book – Overcharged – about how corrupt it is -- https://www.cato.org/blog/senate-finance-markup-part-d-0
Leif Gram: Mr. Fix


А вот все эти ценители Гагарина, страдальцы от прекращения полетов на Луну и т.п. -- среди них, наверное, тоже есть разные градации? Есть ли такие, кто сожалеет о закрытии проекта Орион?