September 1st, 2019

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Война с транспортом и животноводством

Наконец-то в одном: -- Tesla announced today that it made changes to the Model 3 interior and that it is now officially “100% leather-free”, according to the automaker.

A while back, Tesla shifted all of their seat options to “Tesla Synthetic Material” which is not animal-sourced, and therefore vegan.

However, it didn’t make the Model 3 completely vegan due to the steering wheel still being made with leather.

Model S and Model X buyers have been able to special order the vehicles with a non-leather steering wheel, but it hasn’t been an option for Model 3, which has a different steering wheel than Model S and X.

At Tesla’s shareholder’s meeting earlier this year, a PETA representative asked CEO Elon Musk to make the option available and also fulfill a previous promise to make the upcoming Model Y vegan.
Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Феминизм -- University lowers entry score for female applicants in male-dominated courses. The University of Technology Sydney is trying to encourage more young women to study engineering, computing and construction degrees by adjusting year 12 entry scores for female applicants (рекомендовал piggymouse@mokum).

Звучит смешно, но это скорее осмысленный шаг. Женщинам нужно каким-то образом знакомиться с будущими инженерами, программистами и архитекторами, и выбирать лучших, даже если они сами не собираются потом трудиться в этих областях. Совершенно логично и удобно для всех, если это будет происходить непосредственно на соответствующих факультетах.
Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Поддерживаю! -- Trump plays golf after cancelling trip to Poland to observe Second World War anniversary commemorations. President initially abandoned plans to fly to Europe to monitor federal response to Hurricane Dorian but found time for 18 holes instead.
Неожиданно рациональное поведение для президента США.