October 25th, 2019

belgium fries

Успехи медицины!

dailywire.com -- A jury ruled Monday against a request from the boy’s father, Jeffrey Younger, to have sole conservatorship over James and his twin brother Jude, thereby allowing Dr. Anne Georgulas, the boy’s mother and Younger’s ex-wife, to continued to facilitate the child’s gender transition.

Если Child Protective Services на врачей налезет, кто кого сборет?
belgium fries

Комментарий специалиста

CNBC -- Waymo executives think people have taken its promises of self-driving cars too seriously.
The Alphabet subsidiary went “through a lot of hype that was sort of unmanageable,” said Tekedra N. Mawakana, Waymo’s chief external officer, at a Business Insider conference Tuesday. “Sometimes a lot of hype is so mismatched to what’s happening in the real world.”