November 16th, 2019

Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Кажется, началось

'Reality check' on self-driving cars taking place at Daimler: The CEO of the German automaker said during an investor conference that self-driving cars are more challenging than once thought.
Another company is dialing back expectations for self-driving taxis: He is just the latest executive to acknowledge that work on self-driving taxi technology is not progressing as fast as optimists expected two or three years ago. Earlier this year, Ford CEO Jim Hackett sought to dampen expectations for Ford's own self-driving vehicles.
Why People Might Not Opt For Self-Driving Cars Over Human Chauffeurs: In short, there isn’t a slam dunk and outright obvious answer to which you would or should choose. That’s why the automakers and tech firms are currently sitting on a bit of a razor’s edge.
What self-driving cars can’t recognize may be a matter of life and death: Many autonomous-vehicle industry insiders, some of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retribution, said they were surprised Uber had not accounted for such a basic expectation. “A baffling thing,” said Brad Templeton, a longtime self-driving-car developer and consultant who worked on Google’s self-driving-car project about a decade ago. “Everyone knew that eventually there would be accidents because no one imagined perfection. This one’s worse than many people imagined.” They also acknowledged the timeline to roll out this technology is probably longer than many expect because of its complicated nature.
Mr. Twister

Justice for Jitesh Thakkar; CFTC Should Drop Civil Charges and Apologize

Mr. Thakkar built a trading tool. This tool was misused by Mr. Sarao, without Mr. Thakkar’s knowledge. Any tool can be misused. Should we make hammer makers liable for their misuse? I urge you to ask the CFTC why they continue to pursue this case despite the DOJ loss and the weak evidence displayed at that trial. I urge you to ask them to drop the case against Mr. Thakkar. The CFTC should also apologize to Mr. Thakkar for destroying his company and disrupting his life based on such weak evidence.