December 13th, 2019

Dore: Ogre

#Metoo -- The incident allegedly happened on October 20, after Rojas and his partner were called to investigate a report of a possible dead body. The two officers were said to have confirmed the woman was deceased before Rojas' partner returned to the patrol car to get something. Rojas allegedly then switched off his body-mounted camera and inappropriately touched the deceased woman's breasts. Although Rojas allegedly shut off his body camera just before the incident took place, his activities continued to be recorded for a further two minutes due to a video buffer on the device.
belgium fries

Кажется, феминистки начинают что-то подозревать

CBSNews -- "I think it's a really complicated time to be raising boys, because as a feminist I don't want to be there saying, 'Oh, boys are the real victims here, and feminism has gone too far.' ... But I think there are some pressures and difficulties, which are very specific to boys in this moment, and they are part of the conversation of feminism and gender roles," she says.
Ах, бедняжечка.