January 9th, 2020

Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Новости авиации

express.co.uk -- Airline pilot Patrick Smith revealed the truth behind the phenomenon, saying that turbulence should never concern fliers.
“In all honesty, passengers should never worry about turbulence,” he told Express.co.uk.
“The aircraft is designed to take the stress and strain of turbulence. For example, it’s like designing a car with good enough suspension to drive over a rough surface road with potholes.” In the book, Mr Smith explained: “A plane cannot be flipped upside down, thrown into a tailspin or otherwise flung from the sky by even the mightiest gust or air pocket.

Что, даже в грозу?
Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Фейсбук на страже нашей свободы

NPR -- Facebook will continue to allow political ads to target its users, sticking to its position despite sharp criticisms and concerns about the social media platform's potential impact on the upcoming presidential election. Federal Election Commissioner Ellen Weintraub is sharply criticizing the policy, saying Facebook's "weak plan suggests the company has no idea how seriously it is hurting democracy."

Правильно: в первой поправке что говорится? "Congress shall make no law". На комиссаршу федеральной электоральной комиссии это ведь не распространяется!