April 28th, 2020

Mr. Twister

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Georgia Restaurants Opened Their Doors Today—Here’s How It Went: The majority of restaurants did not reopen but a few—including Waffle House’s 330 chain restaurants and more than 10 other restaurants in the Atlanta metro area—did. For those that did reopen, though, it wasn’t life as normal: Restaurants are required to adhere to a set of 39 guidelines laid out by the state government, including a mandate that all employees wear masks, owners screen employees for signs of illness, and restrictions on the amount of customers allowed inside at the same time. Карикатурно похоже на легализацию марихуаны. Странно, не написано, что вся еда сразу кончилась.
Mr. Twister

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What's the latest from Sweden?
Tegnell: We are doing two major investigations. We may have those results this week or a bit later in May. We know from modeling and some data we have already – these data are a little uncertain – that we probably had a transmission peak in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago, which means that we are probably hitting the peak of infections right about now. We think that up to 25% of people in Stockholm have been exposed to coronavirus and are possibly immune. A recent survey from one of our hospitals in Stockholm found that 27% of staff there are immune. We think that most of those are immune from transmission in society, not the workplace. We could reach herd immunity in Stockholm within a matter of weeks.