May 23rd, 2020

Mr. Twister

Наша с вами история

Tucker Carlson@fox -- On March 14, to name one among countless possible examples, a former Obama administration health official called Andy Slavitt predicted that just nine days from now, America's largest cities and hospitals would be "overrun with cases." Now, Slavitt is not an epidemiologist. In fact, he is a former McKinsey consultant. But countless other self-described experts on television backed him up. A huge number of Americans, they told us, would get infected with the coronavirus, and a huge number would die and die in the ugliest most desperate way -- gasping for breath with tubes shoved down their throats.

Про Энди Славитта слышу первый раз в жизни, а на самом деле на этом позорном поприще лидировал Молдбаг (план А). Kак его можно теперь продолжать воспринимать всерьёз - ума не приложу.