June 7th, 2020

Mr. Twister

Спонтанное особачивание лис

sciencemag.org -- In a famous ongoing experiment started in 1960, scientists turned foxes into tame, doglike canines by breeding only the least aggressive ones generation after generation. The creatures developed stubby snouts, floppy ears, and even began to bark. Now, it appears that some rural red foxes in the United Kingdom are doing this on their own. When the animals moved from the forest to city habitats, they began to evolve doglike traits, new research reveals, potentially setting themselves on the path to domestication.

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Самое прекрасное, что сейчас есть в журнале - это карантинисты, обсуждающие американские (а теперь уже и европейские) погромы в отрыве от карантина. И то сказать, а при чём тут?!