August 15th, 2020

Leif Gram: Mr. Fix


Понравился анализ причин, по которым Амазон не может нормальные игры:

Seth -- No less than great novels or films, great top-end games cannot be created through user data requirements, A/B testing, behavioral analytics, user surveys and iterative critiques by departments ranging from security to finance. Yet games must jump through all those hoops at Amazon, according to people in a position to know. [...] Many precincts of the entertainment business are run by financial professionals, but the successful ones — whether in television, music, film or games — learn to let the creative people create.

"Amazon is run not even by finance guys but by tech guys [...]

belgium fries

Хорошая новость!

Благодаря Джозефу Байдену и Тулси Габбард республиканцы узнали, чем занимается прокуратура. У нас не получалось донести, а эти двое смогли.