September 10th, 2020

belgium fries

Успех -- Normally, a cover photo would be considered a phenomenal achievement, especially for an amateur model answering a casting call online. But accompanying Brewer’s photo was a headline that read, “Your Child Says She’s Trans. She Wants Hormones and Surgery. She’s 13.” Brewer was 22 at the time, used they/them pronouns (but goes by he/him pronouns now), and had no idea he was even being considered for the cover.

Leif Gram: Mr. Fix


В рамках популярного флэшмоба жители Калифорнии массово сообщают о том, что небеса у них над головами якобы окрасились в оранжевый цвет. Но предупреждают, что сфотографировать это явление на телефон невозможно.